Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Waiting for Rita

Things are frantic. Even the university allowed us to leave at noon. Michelle left for Austin with her family and I’ve decided to ride this Hurricane out. However, I am beginning to think it’s a bad idea. Earlier this evening, I started looking for supplies, boarding up my apartment windows, filling up containers with water, packing up my CPU. Supplies are impossible to get. I went to the ATM machine and I was unable to pulse out any cash. The banks were open until 5pm but even then, you could only withdraw a maximum of $200. I’m also having trouble using my card. Apparently, the phone lines are jammed and it’s taking longer than usual to process. I just tried paying for dinner with my card and the machine was unable to process it. I ended up giving the waitress my card number so that she can charge it later. Cars are lining up at gas stations, the few that still have gasoline left. Traffic is a mess including the backstreets. People are panicked. People are fearful. Apparently, this one is a monster hurricane, strong enough to do severe, unthinkable damage. I’ve never seen the streets of this city jammed with people. People are everywhere; stores are closing, buildings boarded up and the fear growing.

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