Monday, September 28, 2009

Trills - "Flavia" from upcoming Modular Puzzle LP

It's weird how things work out sometimes. Last October, I did a reading at the Houston Community College-Southwest campus as part of their "Literary Luminaries" Series and I met Jonathan Jindra aka Trills. He's an amazing electronic musician and luckily, he was interested in scoring some of my poems. We worked on some drafts but nothing really materialized until this year. We are now collaborating this November for an event I am coordinating entitled Wired: A Multimedia Explosion of Poetry at the Rudolph Artscan Gallery in Houston.

Trills' third full-length album will soon be released on the Nomadic Kids record label. According to the press release, "Modular Puzzle is an immense piece of work: acid techno electronica at its very finest." Once the album drops I will have an exclusive interview with him, so be sure to come back. While we are eagerly awaiting the album's release enjoy the first music video "Flavia" from the upcoming Modular Puzzle LP.

Trills - Flavia from Jonathan Jindra on Vimeo.

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