Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Labor of Love--How Poets Make A Living

A series on NPR's "All Things Considered," discusses how artists make a living. This particular segment focuses on poets and features the work of Elizabeth Haukaas, author of Leap and winner of the Walt McDonald poetry book award.

From the segment, "Haukaas has no illusions about living off her craft, but what about critically acclaimed poets who have been in the national spotlight?

Mark Strand, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former U.S. poet laureate, says he wishes he could make a living as a poet. "But I make my living as a professor at Columbia University. The way I make extra money as a poet is to give readings and to write the occasional article — very occasional, I might add. And there's the occasional prize — even more occasional."

You can check out the article here.


Kabuki Katze said...

It's interesting to hear this, most often you don't hear artists admitting that they don't live off their art.

the amplified bard said...

it is but you do amazing work and you have mad web skillz plus graphic design talent. i just wish i can afford you right now. i'm sure you can pimp those skillz out. :-)