Friday, July 03, 2009

Introducing Smartphones for Writers

Here is a great article discussing the benefits of smartphones for writers. In a world where mobility and accessibility are vital, smartphones can be a writer's best friend. I think the more we compose email and text messages, the more writers are becoming accustomed to writing on the go. I'm not saying our mobile phones will replace our normal methods of writing but they can be a great resource for us.

From the article:

1) Accessibility

It’s the 21st century. You are expected to be more accessible in a multitude of ways. Meaning…your publicist or agent should be able to contact you at all times via phone, email or text. Don’t want to be bothered 24/7? Then turn your cellphone off, but at least have the ability to be more accessible.

2) Mobility

What if you want to take a break from writing and leave your laptop at home, but you still need to attend to a few emails? You can still conduct a wide range of business using just your smartphone. The editor just sent the 2nd draft changes via a word doc and you’d like to take a quick look. No need to haul out the laptop. Smartphones have applications that can open .DOC, PDF, .XL and .txt files.

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