Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Poem Published in Cause & Effect Magazine

My poem "Grand Theft Auto Monstrosity" appears in the latest issue of Cause & Effect Magazine. The issue is filled with a unique blend of interesting and original voices. I urge everyone to submit some work to them. They not only accept simultaneous submissions but previously published work as well.

Here's a brief sampler of what you can expect in this issue:

• poetry from Aleathia Drehmer, Andrew Joseph, Ashly Salmon, Betsy Hinchey, Deborah Titunik, Ethan Saul Bull, John Dorsey, Noel Sloboda, Steve Parker, Radames Ortiz & more.

• fiction/prose from Bill West, F. D. MarcĂ©l, Tyke Johnson, Luke Geddes, Jill Stegman & others.

• artwork from 4614 & art commentary by C. Kessler

• quotes, pop culture odds & ends, and much, much, much, much . . . more.

You can check out their myspace here.

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