Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Poem as Comic Strip

The Poetry Foundation has started this wonderful series entitled, "The Poem as Comic Strip," as way to help readers discover (or rediscover) their archive and has invited some of today’s most vital graphic novelists to interpret a poem of their choice from the more than 4,500 poems in their archive, reaching from Beowulf to the present.

According to their website: "Heightened language—one possible or partial definition of poetry—isn’t the first thing one associates with comics. Yet comic book artists take into account the way words appear on the page to a degree poets will find familiar. How many lines should accompany each image? How high should the dialogue balloon float? The ratio of printed words to blank space plays a role in whether a poem or strip succeeds."

You can check it out here.


Notsick said...

I just discovered you have a blog here. Awesome. I have one that I have not done anything with yet. Maybe one of these days. www.notsik.blogspot.com/

the amplified bard said...

awesome. i hope you definitely continue writing on your blog. i'm sure you'll get addicted to it.