Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reduplication poetry


Reduplication poetry

David sez, "I'm no Dr. Suess, but I decided to try writing a poem full of as many reduplications as I could come up with (reduplications are words made from repeated words or syllables, like couscous, murmur, or bonbon). Being a reduplication, 'boingboing' made its way into a stanza."

Zsa zsa slapped a cop
who pulled her over in La-La land.
She left a booboo on his face
From all the bling-bling on her hand.

Dance the cha cha
Or the can can
Shake your pom pom
To Duran Duran...

Choo choo goes the train.
Vroom-vroom goes the Corvette.
Oh no, this is my worst rhyme of all.
Now they’ll never link to me from

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