Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Day at the Movies

Sundays tend to be movies days for me. I love going to the movie theater either with friends or by myself. However, I do derive more enjoyment going by myself. Sitting in a darkened room full of strangers, each of us being engulfed by a story flickering before our eyes, what better way to spend an afternoon? I also notice that when I go with friends they want to arrive and leave as soon as possible. But when I go alone, I walk around, read the movie posters on the wall, pop my head into the movies that are playing, make it a complete experience. I sit and watch families, couples and children scramble to their films; popcorn and candy in their hands. Sometimes, I witness a first date, the blossoming of potential love. Or sometimes, it’s a father whose children are visiting for the weekend and he’s taking them to watch a movie they’ve been eager to watch. But in the end, I go because I love the way films make me feel. Like poetry, watching a good movie can be a mystical experience. The movie theater is a wellspring of emotions. You can feel pain, fear, laugh or be enlightened and today was no exception.

I watched A Scanner Darkly, a movie based on a novel by Philip K. Dick. It’s a movie about the nature of drug addiction, surveillance and corruption; a movie that fearfully mirrors our own times. I must admit that I think Robert Downey Jr. and Rory Cochrane steal the show and Richard Linklater’s rotoscoping process is wickedly cool. I plan on reading the book soon. I recommend this movie to anyone and if you’re like me, you don’t want to miss another great movie about drugs. If you still need some convincing then go to and watch the first 24 minutes of the film. You won’t be disappointed.

After A Scanner Darkly, I snuck in to watch The Breakup. I have to admit I have a weakness for Jennifer Aniston, so how could I miss watching her walk naked through a living room? This movie was the prefect way to balance out my day. It’s far from a great movie. At times, it’s funny but truthfully I just enjoy watching Aniston whenever possible. The movie is pure fluff but you know what? Sometimes, it’s okay to have a little fluff in your life.

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