Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Check out "The Poet Tech Podcast" featuring poet Radames Ortiz and electronic musician Jonathan Jindra

Earlier this month, Jonathan Jindra and I were interviewed for the Poet Podcast from the Cloudy Day Art Podcast Network. This podcast focuses on how poets use technology.

According to the website, "The Poet Tech Podcast is a podcast for poets and writers about how we use technology, in the broadest form of the word, to create and interact with our works. I’ll discuss everything from computer hardware and websites to pens and paper."

Below is a description of the show.

A conversation with Houston-based poet Radames Ortiz and his audio collaborator, the composer Trills (Jonathan Jindra).

I was able to record a great discussion with poet Radames Ortiz and musician Jonathan Jindra this past weekend. We discussed their upcoming multimedia collaboration of poetry and music; the way artists release CDs now and how they are marketed; the tools used to put together the project; being independent versus being with a label, and much more.

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