Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Check out "Woodrat Podcast 5: Amplified Bards" featuring poet Radames Ortiz and electronic musician Jonthan Jindra

Last Sunday, Jonathan Jindra and I were interviewed for Dave Bonta's Woodrat podcast series on his blog, Via Negativa. We were featured in order to promote our upcoming poetry cd due out later this year.

It was a great opportunity to discuss our collaboration but most importantly, it gave me a chance to to speak about poetry and new media.

Below is a description of the show.

A conversation with Houston-based poet Radames Ortiz and his audio collaborator, the composer Trills (Jonathan Jindra).

Topics include: How electronic music is composed; the arts scene in Houston; composing and improvising music to accompany poems; making the transition from ambient music to electronica that demands active listening; how Radames started writing poetry and why he chose not to get an MFA; turning a poetry reading into a multimedia experience and getting the audience involved; online reading, e-book readers and the supposed death of the text; the obligation of poets and writers to master multimedia tools; making and watching videopoetry.

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