Thursday, November 05, 2009

Practice Night with Trills for @Wired

Tonight Trills and I worked on our performance for the @Wired event next week. I headed over to his apartment/studio to work on the timing and video images for our performance. I love collaborating with other artists because I am able to see them work in their element.

Here is Trills and his son Caleb playing on the keyboard during a break:

It blew me away to watch Trills turn various computer programs, keyboard riffs, and audio set-ups into an auditory explosion of nerves and uneasiness.

Imagine what the tweeps involved with @wired i.e. @thepoetmendez, @byronjonesthepoet, @kabukikatze, @radameso, @BrigitteZ have in store for you.

For more info check out Artshound at or RSVP here.

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