Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Enough to Eat: Poetry about Food

"To jump into poetry is like diving into a pool of chocolate. Some enthusiasts may make a glutton of themselves over the syrupy words until they’re gasping for air, while others will wade out at a leisurely pace carefully unraveling each word as they gorge. A life without poetry is like existing purely on salad. And whether you nibble on tidbits or devour the main course with gusto, no poetry afficado would dream of skipping dessert." --Carmen


Down my tickled throat
Does the nectar coat
Its sweet musk
Burns with lust
Desire is evoked

Ode to the Truffle

A black diamond in the rough. Jagged edges craving to be sliced over innocence. An egg, a potato, handmade pasta, a slab of steak, shimmering rice, a supple scallop or a slither of asparagus. Your earthly pleasures are to be enhalled, caressed, consumed, devoured. You are without gender, curvaceous like a woman and yet renowned as the testicle of the earth. A fungus, so intense in scent and flavor defying even a flame, which merely reduces you to a mushroom ambrosia. Alluring in your mystery, a temptress to the next conquest. Shyly hiding in the ground waiting to be sought after with the vigor of a lover who can’t resist. Even after the act of indulgence is over, insatiable yearning follows.

Molten Cocoa

Upon my tongue
Melting has begun
Cocoa dissolves
Weakening my resolve
We brave the storm
Love is torn

© Carmen Jenner 2009

Carmen Jenner is an Australian food and travel writer. She blogs at Fluffy Towel where she shares her well-crafted travel stories and her encounters with tasty cuisine and desserts. Today she shares some of her verse dedicated to the symphony of food.

Do you have a favorite food poem or has food ever inspired you to write?


Essąn Dragone said...

I like those examples from Miss Jenner quite a bit.
I suppose one of my last poems is about honey cream:
I look forward to looking thru your blog more.
Essąn Dragone

Crafty Green Poet said...

I wrote a poem about mangoes once, I've also written a poem about chocolate and one about tea.

the amplified bard said...

Essan, I enjoyed your poem very much. You have great details and imagery weaved through your stanzas. thank you for sharing and for checking out my blog.

the amplified bard said...

crafty, can you post one of them in the comments. i know that my readers would be interested in reading it. i have yet to write about food. i think it is a difficult subject to write about but carmen and essan do a great job. i'm sure you do too. thanks for checking out the blog.