Monday, January 05, 2009

Two New Poems Published in Gutter Eloquence

What a great way to start the new year! Two of my poems were published in the inaugural issue of Gutter Eloquence. This is a wonderful new magazine edited by Jack T. Marlowe. The issue features work by David Blaine, Howie Good, John Rocco, J.D Nelson, P.A. Levy, Rob Plath, Puma Perl, Radames Ortiz and Richard Wink.

Here's a description of the journal:

"G.E.M. is a ballsy, new electronic journal that features some of the best voices of the underground lit scene. Free verse poetry that doesn't know the meaning of fear. Poetry that doesn't use 'protection.' Poetry that ignores "no smoking" signs. Bold, unapologetic writing that tastes of real life!

I urge everyone to submit work to them. Here are the guidelines.

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