Thursday, December 04, 2008

What the F*ck is Flarf?

As I was looking at my poetry aggregator website, I stumbled upon a dude who wrote a Twitter poem. Not a poem about twitter but one composed using it. (For info on twitter and what it is click here) Through his site, he mentioned Flarf, the first recognizable poetry movement of the 21st century.

What the f*ck is Flarf you ask? That's exactly what I intended to find out. As I searched for a definition of this term and several examples of flarfist poetry, I came to these findings.

Flarf, according to Off Center, "exploits search engines, chat rooms, and other Internet nooks and crannies to create poetry that can be gloriously tacky, strikingly modern, uncannily touching, or any other number of adverb/adjective combinations (do your own Internet search!)."

Immediately, I was intrigued. Poetry + Technology = awesome!, right? I don't know so much after reading some examples. Another characteristic of Flarf, according to Wikipedia, "is any intentionally bad, frivolous, or wacky poetry; any textual or verbal doodling or nonsense of any sort." So, badly written poetry using search engines equals flarf? I don't know.

Check out Sharon Mesmer or the founder Gary Sullivan's set at the Flarf Festival. Also, check out the Jacket's feature on Flarf where you can read an introduction by Sullivan and several poems from other Flarfists.


WorldClassPoet said...

Thanks for mentioning my poem and website. I was really just jacking around to see what would happen if .... That's what some of is do when we have time to kill. :-)

the amplified bard said...

no problem. it was great to read. thanks for stopping by my blog and reading.