Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Poem Taught at UNI

Recently, I got a message on Facebook from a professor at the University of Northern Iowa, who taught my poem, "Grand Theft Auto Monstrosity" in one of her classes. I was honored by this and she was kind enough to share with me her student responses.

Here's her message, "My students read/discussed your Grand Theft Auto poem this week. They loved it. Thank you! Specific comments: Makes them wish they were little again so that their ultimate tragedy could be the length of their health bar. Also the nature image at the end they noticed was a stark contrast to the created world of the boy in the poem. Undeveloped chest they said hinted at how his life might turn out if he continued on the same path. They also said what was scary about the azalea image was that the boy believed in his world as if it were natural /that coupled with grabbing prostitutes and flying bullets painted a frightening future for this kid and others like him. Thanks for letting me use it! Very cool."

You can read Grand Theft Auto Monstrosity here.

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