Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Poem

© Kabuki Katze 2006

Halloween on Gulfton St.

Outside, dumpsters
sit like hearses.

Aluminum car ports
rattle the wind.

Strayed in streets,
cats snarl behind tires.

The boot-bottom night.
Vacant and winter coming.

This is the evening
of Halloween.

The Salvadoran woman
next door washes

clothes, a carved
pumpkin sulks

on the porch.
It’s candle-

lit grin
grows faint.

Soon the dark
turns ghostly.

Is battered down
with more darkness.

Here even children
stay indoors,

stuff wishes
into garbage bags.

In this scarlet-
dim ghetto

a dead end
in every face.

© Me first published in the Bayou Review 2007


Kabuki said...

For some reason I can't find you on Facebook, what are you under?

(And no, that link on your blog doesn't work for me. :( )

Nadine said...

Did Kayleigh do another piece for you? It looks great! I like the poem too - I hadn't read this one.

the amplified bard said...

hey n, thanks for reading my poem. yeah kayleigh did this piece a while back. she's wonderful isn't she? anyway, thanks for stopping by.

the amplified bard said...

hey k,

i left u a comment on your blog letting you know how to find on FB. hope to see you there soon.