Thursday, October 16, 2008

Collaborative Writing and Gaming

Here is a great article on the Daily Writing Tips, which focuses on the similarities between collaborative writing and gaming online. According to the site, "The internet has opened up the possibilities for collaborative writing – pieces written by two or more authors – due to the ease of exchanging digital information (primarily words, but pictures, video clips and audio files can all play a role). The game-like element of “Vote Pages” is reflected in other online sites and systems which allow writers to collaborate in producing a story."

The article also mentions this interesting new online game, Escaping Reality: Creative Writing Meets Online Gaming, which combines fiction and online gaming. According to the website's description, players/writers can "collaborate with other players in scenes rich with visual imagery, description and dialogue [and]improve your fiction writing skills with fast improvisation, quick wits, interactive writing and plenty of twists and turns." Truthfully, I can see this as becoming a little cheesy but it's interesting to see creative writing and gaming sharing certain qualities.

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