Monday, April 14, 2008

Poems Published in Neonbeam

Two of my poems were recently published in the Neon Beam 2008 issue. You can download the .PDF here or you can order a print copy from Lulu.

Featuring fiction by:

Jo Thomas, Christopher Nosnibor, T.N.T. Blakemore, David Byron, Bruce Hesselbach, Marie Lecrivain, Sarah Dodd, Kevin Brown.

And poetry by:

Steve De France, Barry G. Gale, David McLean, Rodney Nelson, Ronnie M. Lane, Duane Locke, Radames Ortiz, John Grey.

Plus an interview with author of the contest-winning "Hybrids", David Thorpe.

Thanks for the continued support and I urge everyone to submit work to them.

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