Thursday, September 06, 2007

Video Games

When I was in 3rd grade I played video games
like Mortal Kombat button mashin'
Lou Kang combat kicks to the chest
and solved math with the Number Muchers,
lunch was prime digits.
Trying to hold my breath
and catch the Reader Rabbit
I was trained in his factories
'till nouns and vowels became an easy habit.
I had to break the magic of Jaffar
as the Prince of Persia
and save the Princess within an hour.
Then I learned the power of money
from games like Sim City
and how easy it is to drain the banks
even though they're already empty.
Did a lot of walking, on The Oregon Trail
failed a lot of river crossings
and had funny names like Larry and Dale;
who both died from dysentery.
Damn near drowned in Odell Lake
a small fish in a big ass pond
still, I was killed by an Osprey for hells sake.
Now, these things all have me trained
but the rest of this game is gunna take all day long.

© Steelhead 2007


Dauphine said...

technostud...wondered how you got that the poem...ferocious kitten

aka SteelHead said...

Thank you soo much for sharing my poem. It really is an honor, and has kept me smiling for the past two days!