Monday, August 13, 2007

Anatomy of a Commission

Many people have asked who created the wonderful CG graphics for the header of my blog as well as the Myspace profile graphics I use. Well, I'm honored to say that they were created by a great artist named Kabuki Katze. We met at the university and have become close friends ever since. She recently started a blog which documents her creative process from the first draft to the final product. It's wonderful to witness her process.

According to her blog entry she states:

"Recently (read: while I was away not posting on here) I did a series of profile pictures for The Amplified Bard's MySpace page. Apparently the little cartoon dudes garner him a lot of hits, more than a photo does.

Anyway, commissions have a ton of steps, checks, changes, etc . . . so I took the opportunity to track a couple of the pictures from pitch to check-writing."

I urge everyone to check out this entry if you're interested to know how the CG graphics I use came into existence. Also, keep in mind she is open for commissions!

Finally, keep an eye out for a comic book we are collaborating on. I will be writing the storyline and she will do the graphics. You can visit her blog here and her website at Deviant Art here.

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