Monday, July 02, 2007

Transformers the Movie Release

This past Monday, I watched the release of Transformers the Movie.

I attended the premiere with an artist friend of mine BJ, who's also a hardcore fan.

Like most die-hard fans, I didn't think director Michael Bay could pull this movie off but surprisingly he did. If you are looking for great dialog and a story-line that is similar to the cartoon, then don't hold your breath. Bay, however, did manage to redesign the Transformers concept and to recreate a beloved story that most people can relate to. Even though, I wasn't happy about most of the actor selections for the movie, the action sequences made up for a majority of it. Again, there are a lot of cheesy Micheal Bay lines but the battle between the Autobots and the Dececpticons at the end was breathtaking! Most, importantly, the transformations of the robots were great to hear and watch. It was nice to see some other hardcore fans as well.

When the movie started, a representative from the movie theater tried to pump us up and then warned us that all recording devices needed to be turned off because there would be policemen with night-vision goggles walking up and down the aisles checking for that shit.

When Optimus Prime pulls out his sword, I raised my hands to enjoy the moment and I realized they were serious. I guess, they thought I was recording then they immediately focused towards my direction. Luckily, they didn't fuck with me.

Anyway, the movie rocked and I will definitely watch it again later this week. For now, watch the movie. "Until all are one."

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