Tuesday, June 19, 2007

WITS Writing Camp First Week

So, I made it through my first week at the WITS writing camp. I was terrified because I am teaching second graders. I'm used to teaching middle and high school students but these students blow me away. They are still young and haven't become jaded yet, so they are creative, verbal and very kinetic. I would not have been able to make it through the first week without my teacher partner. I am the Writer-in-Residence, so her expertise in teaching elementary students definitely saved me.

Every morning we listen to various types of music from all over the world, talk about the regions the music originated from and put a sticker on a world map to indicate where the music is from. Then we dance. At first, they were reluctant but after the first week they look forward to it.

Last week we worked on Father Day's writing and one student decided to write a poem entitled, "The Ocean is my Father," which is based on Pat Mora's "The Desert is my Mother." We always have sharing time and here are some examples of our students doing exactly that.

Tomorrow we will begin on the poetic form the ODE and we will start preparing them for their visit to the art museum on Friday. I hope my good friend BJ, a great artist will be able to attend and talk a little about his craft. Anyway, I'm having a blast and I haven't been happier for a long time.

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awadhwa said...

Those kids are so freakin' cute. And they dance! You're lucky to be around them!-Anita