Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Eye Surgery Again

Tomorrow, I am scheduled to have another eye surgery, the third one in less than a decade. I'm not looking forward to it. I have enough pain in my left eye, especially since it's the one I recently had fucked with. Knowing I have to wear an eye patch again, kind of stresses me out. The only strength I get is from James Joyce, who went through various eye operations, especially an individual whose been through this shit before science became modernized. I have one to two weeks off of work, which means losing money and yet, I'm supposed to work on this and last semester's work. I'm swamped. For once, I am forced to try to live, read with a magnifying glass. But there is worse! I am not going to bitch. Everyone is supportive! Kids have been through worse and I try to remind myself of this.


Anita Wadhwa said...

Hope you feel better soon-Anita (Krupa said she talked to you:O)

Robin said...

Sending you get-well-soon wishes!