Friday, January 26, 2007

New Issue of The Panhandler is out

The new issue of The Panhandler is out and they published five of my poems. I like the Panhandler because they publish poetry that take risks and not for the mainstream. According to their Myspace page: "Panhandler Publishing is a group of poets who wish to feed and maintain the growing creative movement in poetry. in order to encourage diversity and bring attention to the range of incredible talent otherwise passed over in the literary scene. we are a non profit publishing company that seeks to encourage and discover emerging poets through magazine publication, book printing and public performance. get in touch with us to join the revolution." We definitely need more publications like this. Lately, I've been writing poems about addiction and since I recently wrote a post about the Oxy book, I've decided to reprint one of the poems they published.


The solemn psychosis
of my eyes

mirrored in lines
of coke

An empty pint of rum
on the tabletop

I’m not proud of this
At certain moments

I fail
this strained heart

of mine
Here it is always night

And I become sixteen again
The still black hours

amount to terror
Friends turn into fiends

In the low crucified light
they choke each others voices

Their vicious yellow faces
I’m beginning to resemble

There’s no cure for this

© Me 2006 published in the Fall 2006 issue of the Panhandler

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