Monday, January 22, 2007

3dpoets January Compilation

This is a really cool poetry wiki I found. According to the website:

The Experiment

Have you ever created a story "round-robin" by writing one paragraph, passing it to another person for a second paragraph, and then to a third, etc? This is the concept behind 3dpoets. Here, using links to interconnect poems, we will create a body of poetry that, poem by poem, will become increasingly interwoven, resulting in a unique, interactive and multidimensional experience.

Our Mission

3dpoets is a nonprofit Wiki Web site managed by an individual, not an organization or company. The host’s goal is to provide a free, easy-to-use platform for aspiring and established poets to showcase their writing. 3dpoets is your space, a bulwark against censorship and a site rich in content and individuality.

Here's a sample poem:

In the City

Beep, honk, siren screaming
"away", "away"
Ketchup bottles falling from
bent and bruised trashcans...
In Chicago, a frozen tailpipe
fires with white exhaust and
snow drifts east past Detroit
to Berlin, to Moscow, where pale faces
cased in fur
hush by like spices in NewOrleans,
wafting 'round JacksonSquare and pigeons
strutting in MexicoCity
with a content but vacant stare.

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