Monday, October 02, 2006

The Poetry Cube

This is a really cool website where you can post your poems and it "translates your text into a 3-dimensional, mulit-linear and recombining format." From the website:

How does it work?:

The cube consists of four sides (not quite a cube) top, bottom, front, and back. Between each of those sides are four stanzas, or four sets of four lines.

The poet writes a 16 line poem and enters it into the form (using the WRITE NEW button). Those lines are then automatically entered into the cube and can be saved into the database.

I tried it and posted one of my poems entitled "Sunday Hangover." Just put your cursor to the right side of the page and a box will come out called "Load & Saved Poems." Click on View:Recent and select my poem to see how it looks.

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Karina said...

The more I remember and think about this story, the more I like it. I love the audio.