Monday, October 23, 2006

Oni-Con Convention Update

This Saturday, the Oni-Con convention came to my city. It is a convention dedicated to all things anime and other cool geeky things. There were cosplay contests, exhibitor sections, gaming rooms, auctions and plenty of girls dressed in cool anime gear. If the convention comes to your town, I strongly urge anyone to go. It was an experience and it was nice to be around so many people interested in the same thing. I've wondered where these people existed, some came from other cities, the others dwell here in the city. Anyway, here's a pic of me with a stormtrooper.

Also, I've been jamming to MC Chris. How can't I? What other MC do you know that spits about starwars. Here's his dope song Fette's Vette and a link to the lyrics.

powered by ODEO

My backpack's got jets
Well I'm Boba the Fett
Well I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt
To finance my 'Vette

wicky wicky woo

Well I chill in deep space
A mask is over my face
Well I deliver the prize
But I still narrow my eyes
'Cause my time
I don't like to waste.

Get down

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