Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Let's Work it Out

I thought this is a fitting poem, especially, since I'm going to finally experience Ladytron live this Sunday! Here is a poem that was published earlier this year by the Pan Handler and I was honored to be part of the publications commitee:

Let's Work it Out

drum beat, bass 118 beats per minute
12" vinyl with a 24 bar intro
Hot Tracks queued up on Technics turntable
vocal is hot, passionate, you can tell she's been around
dance floor packed, lit up like a winter's galaxy
gym rats, bikers, cowboys bump & grind
some slow drag off to a dark & muffled corner
like a hearbeat, the music pulses, demands participation
the air is charged with endless possibilities
t-shirts stick to muscled abs, biceps & broad shoulders
tattoos glisten
we move with the rage of midnight on our faces
to drum, bass, piano, a vocalist's echo
the unannounced fast of a week's long dilemma has ended
the hunger of a Friday night comes to us like a rush

© Joseph Trombartore

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