Monday, October 30, 2006

Kabuki Katze

So, I hired a friend of mine to be my official graphic design artist. She does some wonderful digital art and I encourage everyone to visit her website at to see some of the examples of her work. I met her through her boyfriend, Boyan, a person I highly respect and who is working on a blues-poem song I wrote as well. It's great to work with such talented artists and I'm honored that they want to work with me too. So, as a teaser of future work to come, she gave me permission to post one of her images on my blog. What's cool about Kabuki Katze is that she is a great freelancer, delivers her images on time and is pleasant to work with. I've posted her commission rates here. Check her stuff out and do not hesitate to commission her for your projects. You'll be seeing more of her work on my blog as well as my website that will be launching early next Spring.

Nightshade is (c)
Text is from Blue Oyster Cult's "Career of Evil"
Art by kabukikatze

Here's a quick Q & A that Kabuki Katze let me post from her other website.

Website and Artwork Related FAQ

Q: How do you make your website?
A: I create the layout and graphics in Adobe Photoshop then piece the website together in HTML-Kit

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Yes, I gladly take commissions. You can see the information on what I offer and what my prices are in the Hire section.

Q: What do you use to create your artwork?
A: For the most part I do initial sketches of my work by hand then scan them into my computer. After that, I finish them in Adobe Photoshop. I do not use a tablet-I never could get used to one.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: Honestly? I'm inspired most often by music. I have no talents in that area, but I find that listening to music is the fastest way to fill my mind with images and ideas.

Q: What styles inspire you?
A: No matter how hard I try, I can't get away from the influence of anime and manga styles in my artwork. Anime first inspired me to start figure drawing, and my style still bears some of its marks. I also take several cues from vintage pin-up work. I find old pin-ups to be endearing, bright, and fun with a bit of sexiness to boot. Recently I've been inspired by more urban and more graphic styles and have been trying to explore them as well . . .

Q: Can I use your artwork for my own graphics, a website layout, a wallpaper, a banner, what have you?
A: You are welcome to use my work for private, non-profit use so long as you do NOT take credit for it. A link back to my site in the form of a button or a text link near the art is also appreciated. If coloring my lineart, please leave my watermark on the image.

Q: What's a Kabukikatze?
A: KabukiKatze (or Kabuki Katze) is a merger of "Kabuki," taken from a video game for the NES called "Kabuki Quantum Fighter" the hero of the game has long red hair and whips his enemies with it. When I was a wee redhead, I thought that was incredibly cool. Now that I'm a bit bigger, I still like it. "Katze" is the German word for "cat."

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