Monday, July 10, 2006

Kid Beyond

Kid Beyond is this amazing beatboxer who uses a looping machine to make some wonderful next-level music. He was in town for the Art Car Parade Ball. He's bascially a one-man vocal band. If he is ever in your town, I strongly urge you to check him out. Visit his website here and watch him do his magic live. He was recently on VH1's SUPERGROUP and Sebastian Bach dissed him. But what the hell does that washed-up fuck know.

Here's what other people have to say about his music:

"What takes most people an entire band to produce, Kid Beyond executes with his own mouth. You're in the presence of a higher power... you want to get up and dance." – SF Weekly, Best of SF

"Using his top-shelf beatboxing skills, expert vocals, and some of the deepest, most amazing live-looping chops we've ever seen... Kid B's ability to pump up a crowd is truly impressive." – Keyboard

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