Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Pan Handler

Mike Alexander, a great poet in Houston asked me to be part of the Program Committee for his journal, The Pan Handler. I am honored to be part of this project and my job is to read the poetry submissions, weed them out for the rest of the committee and then we'll decide what goes in. I'm happy to do this and so far, the poetry I am reading is strong. I will soon send out an official call for submissions to the people I know. The reason Mike enlisted me is because he read one of my poems and they needed new blood in the mix. I can totally understand that. Right now, the Pan Handler is in print but the plan is to create a virtual place on the net, which is a wonderful idea. That's what my blog is about, supporting literary distribution through various mediums, especially electronic ones. Anyway, I'll keep you updated about this project but visit The Pan Hanlder for submission guidelines. Also check out the Myspace website.

Basically, I'm looking for poems that push the envelope, doesn't talk about the same old bullshit. 3-5 poems with a brief bio in the body of the email and sent to this email address: submissions@thepanhandler.org

Look forward in reading your work!

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