Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Only Animal

This past Monday, Franz Wright and Louise Glück conducted a Q & A at the Honors College at the university I work at. They later gave a reading that night and Tony Hoagland monitored the Q & A afterward.  Franz Wright began his reading with an astounding poem called “The Only Animal.” Louise Glück also gave a powerful reading from her new collection of poems. I have to admit that I’ve never read much of Ms. Glück’s work but after hearing her read, I’m dumbfounded by her talent. But I will admit that I was there to hear Wright’s entrancing voice, to be moved, and shattered. I hoped for rebirth. I know no poet should ever carry such a burden but his words taught me humility, of the basic tenets of humanism. Anyway, here is a picture from that night. Also, I’ve included one of my favorite poems  from Walking to Martha’s Vineyard. Let me know what you think. To hear Wright actually read this poem check out this interview from The Connection. The recitation begins on the 21st minute.


Now I’m not the brightest
knife in the drawer, but
I know a couple things
about this life: poverty
silence, impermanence
discipline and mystery

The world is not illusory, we are

From crimson thread to toe tag

If you are not disturbed
there is something seriously wrong with you, I’m sorry

And I know who I am
I’ll be a voice
coming from nowhere


be glad for me.

© Franz Wright from Walking to Martha’s Vineyard

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