Wednesday, January 11, 2006

© boian and me

My friend boian, a great musician, wrote this cool poem and he asked me to mess with it. So, I tinkered with the poem. Changed a few words around, rewrote some lines. I definitely think of this as a collaboration and I can't wait to work on the next one.

An Exercise in Futility

Like a lizard on a scorched brick
I struggle in sluggish heat.
Ants move in strict single file.
Sweating my mirrored expression
I breathe the tension of limbs
and my head reckless above cement.
My feet always touch bottom.
Botched kingdom.
Nails stab the side of gut,
a pain that blunts my scythe.
Terror hisses like a
forked tongue
in this feverish light.
Sweating off the wallpaper,
I find myself disquieted
and falling into bondage.

© boian boiadjiev and me


Ariel said...

Nails projected stab
the side of gut, a pain
that blunts my scythe.

I'd be curious to hear you unpack these lines a little, if you're up for it.

the amplified bard said...

ariel, thanks for your feedback. i'm definitely up for it. check in a couple of days and i'll have something for you. thanks for visitng my site.

the amplified bard said...

hey i took your challenge and i messed with the poem like you suggested. read this version and let me know what you think. again, thanks for reading my blog.