Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I live in Texas, a state infamous for its schizophrenic, murdeous mothers, corporate thieves and well, illiterate and blundering politicians. I grew up in a small Hispanic neighborhood on the Eastside of town. I’ve always yearned to live in a bigger city but let’s face it, Texas is cheap. For god sakes, I can still buy a pack of cigarettes in this cow town for under $4. Try doing that shit upstate, or any other place worth living.

So, I like to write poetry and have published several poems in online and text journals. I’ve participated as a judge for a national contest, was once nominated for a Pushcart Prize, won several fellowships and a local grant, which helped publish my chapbook "Between Angels & Monsters." Besides, these minimal achievements, I’m new to this whole blogging business. Call it a desperate attempt to hack my writer’s block, call it a shame-less marketing tool, in either case; I am here.

I am the eldest of three siblings. I have a step-sister, whom I’ll speak more about later. Both my parents came to the US from Mexico. My dad was born in Mexico City, grew up in Chicago and ended up in this Southwest swamp. My mother’s from Veracruz, was crossed over in the trunk of a car then became a legal alien to raise two boys and a girl. My younger sister’s name is Claudine and my brother’s name is Raymond. As for my stepsister, well, that comes much later.

Besides, poetry I have a great interest in film and I am also an avid music listener. Reader beware, for time to time, I'll freely use this blog to post reviews of recent tunes I’ve downloaded, of movies I’ve seen, of tech products I’ve bought and/or “borrowed” and other bullshit.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget Poetry. . .the whole reason for this endeavor. Once in a while I’ll share a few early drafts of poems, in order to keep an open-sourced mind during the revision process. So, suggestions and comments, hell even insults are welcomed. I'll also mention the projects I'm invovled in and some random thoughts on poetry, writing, and life.

Thanks for reading and if you have any complaints or suggestions feel free to check out my profile and email me.

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